Bummin’ It By the Canals: Our Travels in Venice

On our way out of Italy we made an impromptu trip to Venice. We originally wanted to stay in Venice for a few nights, but struggled to find accommodations that we could afford. So we thought we could at least make it a pit stop on our way to Slovenia. I visited Venice when I was a child, and had interesting memories of it. Of course I remembered the amazing pizza and copious amounts of gelato, but I also remembered the narrow streets being dark, scary and claustrophobic. But both of us were surprised when we got to Venice and found it to be wonderful, unique, and adventurous. Wanting to get as much of the Venice experience as possible, but not willing to shell out 90 euro per person for a gondolla, we took a water bus to Saint Marco’s square. From there, it was an hour walk back to our bus station. We took our time, weaving in and out of the streets, getting lost in the best way. We found little shops, alleys that went behind great smelling restaurants, and of course lots of pizza and gelato. Matt was amazed every time we found a street that led to a bridge, or sometimes directly into the water. The buildings, which almost looked like they would fall into the water, were beautifully broken, showing their age in their eminent destruction. You could see the remnants of paintings and sculptures that had eroded over time, but still captured the feeling of this unique city.

We grabbed some calzones and limoncello for dinner and sat at a nearby dock to enjoy. This became another moment on our trip when we felt like true bums. Imagine us – both sweaty from walking all day, Matt’s beard and hair wily from the wind, sitting off the streets eating brown-baged calzones and drinking liquor from the bottle.  I’m sure the reactions we got from strangers were warranted, but we really enjoyed the relaxed feeling and our meal on the water. Before we consumed too much limoncello, we made our way back to the bus, soaking up every last second before we had to leave. Upon boarding the bus, a slightly drunk Matt turned to me and said “we have to come back!” A promise is a promise my love.

Matthew & Stephanie

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