Bobble Steel Water bottle Review

Water bottles are essential to bring on a longer trip! You save costs with bottled water, and can use it for other beverages. I originally brought a plastic Nalgene bottle, but the top broke and the seal got moldy (really hard to clean). I ended up getting a Bobble steel water bottle instead. I’m not usually happy with metal bottles because I think they can have a funny metallic taste, but so far this bottle has worked out wonderfully!!

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  • Saves on bottled water: good for your pockets and good for the environment!
  • Double insulated to keep things cold or hot for many hours! Made tea in the morning with boiling water and it was luke warm still in the evening! Seriously awesome for camping or budget travel!!
  • Sleek design and durable
  • No metallic taste because it’s made of stainless steel!!
  • Easy to clean


  • After many drops, bangs, and bumps, it did get a bit dented and the color started to chip. But it still works great! 

Happy drinking!

Matthew & Stephanie

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