Keen Targhee II Hiking boot Review

I originally bought my Keen hiking boots for a trip to the Grand Canyon. I also decided to bring them on our yearlong trip, instead of sneakers. The exercise I planned on doing was mostly hiking, jungle trekking or walkabouts, so I figured hiking boots were going to be a preferred choice over sneakers. They were GREAT for our spontaneous adventures into the wild.


  • Pretty waterproof: when it’s raining or walking through small puddles/wet spots, they keep the water out. Larger puddles or downpours, not as much but who can expect that!
  • Comfortable: I wear them when I travel so I can save space in my bag. They are comfy, and after walking for a long time, they don’t hurt my feet! No blisters or anything so far!
  • Color hides a lot of dirt, so they never look bad!
  • Decent tread for slippery and slopped surfaces.


  • One of my larger items for packing, but like I said I usually wear them on travel days or just strap them to the outside of my pack
  • Ankle support: only had one painful ankle roll, maybe it was user error because they weren’t tied too tight. Just be careful and don’t expect the higher ankles to totally protect you.

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Matthew & Stephanie

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