Osprey Farpoint 70L Review

The Osprey Farpoint 70 is the backpack that I got for this year long trip. When searching for a pack, it had a lot of great features, which I’ll explain below. As a smaller woman, I wanted to make sure that the bag would not only hold all my things, but was comfortable to wear. So far we have only done about an hour of walking with our packs on, usually just when arriving and departing a city. But here are some pros and cons that I have noticed so far:


  • Large bag opens up fully so you can see all items
  • Compression straps keep things down and in place
  • Lots of little pockets in both large pack and day pack for separating items and finding items quickly
  • Day pack is a great size
  • Outside straps are great for holding sleeping pad, coats when not wearing and hooks for carabiners


  • The material on the underside of the straps is a bit rough and not very breathable. Worst when you are carrying the full weight, or when in a tank top.
  • When you attach day pack to full large pack, it’s very back heavy. If you wear the day pack separate, such as on front, seems to even out the weight and be more comfortable. Side note: there is a way to attach the day pack on your front without the straps, which I have not tried yet.

On a scale of 1 – 5 (1 worst, 5 best):

Functionality: 5

Weight distribution: 4

Comfort: 3 (currently carrying about 10.5 kg)

Appearance: 5

Ease of Access: 5
I’m sure the more we use it, and in different settings, we can add to this review. But for now I’m overall happy with my backpack purchase!!

Pics of are after carrying bag for an hour, mostly shows how the material rubs on skin, but again I’m wearing a sleeveless, thin top.


After 12 months of traveling with the Osprey Farpoint 70, I was very happy with my purchase! No matter how much I tried to fit in this bag, it never failed me! The bag was great and easy to transport all of the world! For most of our flights, we were able to carry our bags onto the plane, even with the restrictions on the smaller, budget airlines. When we checked it for a flight, I loved that you can zip up the straps and keep it all tidy and tucked away. Because I packed my bag full, I always wore the day pack separately on my front than zipped onto the back. It was definitely more comfortable wearing a short sleeved/long sleeved shirt as the strap fabric was not very comfortable.I have used this backpack since our long trip, and still love it!

Matthew & Stephanie

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