Laundry Gear Review

Laundry when travelling can be such a pain. This clothesline was really great to have for whatever adventure you’re on. We were able to use this for drying bathing suits when we were car-travelling, laundry or soggy socks after a wet hike. The suction cups work well on most surfaces, but the Velcro straps are also helpful! Now it comes with clips as well, and a built-in case to store it. This clothesline is braided, so you just need to separate the braid slightly and place the clothes in-between. The latex holds them well so they won’t slip or fall down at night. Definitely a need when you are away from home!

I purchased this sink stopper along with a latex clothesline for laundry while traveling. It actually came in really handy when we needed to do a quick sink wash of clothes. Most sinks and showers don’t have plugs anymore, so when we needed to fill up the sink, this was needed! Nothing complicated, just covers the drain, and super easy to pack. If you plan to do laundry, and cannot guarantee that you have a washer, this is a good choice! Even good if you want to take a bath!


  • Hang your laundry ANYWHERE to dry off! Varied attachments to hang this line where ever you need to!
  • Braided design keeps clothes on the line without clothespins
  • Small, packable, flexible material


  • Wish it was a little longer to hang bigger clothing

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Matthew & Stephanie

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