Lifeproof FRE Waterproof Phone Case Review

This case was an absolute lifesaver! I bought a new iphone just before taking our year long trip, and needed to make sure I protected it. This case is shockproof, waterproof and responds well with the touch capabilities. I can say that I tested this case to the fullest! It had been dropped more times than I can count, used during rain storms, and even went Zorbing with me! It was used and abused for 13 months before I started to notice wear on the buttons. Overall, it was the perfect buy to protect my phone for our trip!

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  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof – no fear of dropping it!
  • Good response with touch screen even though the phone is fully encased
  • Protects against scratches on screen


  • Makes your phone more bulky
  • To use headphones (the ones you need to plug directly into the phone), there is an extra cord that you need to use because a normal headphone plug will not fit in the hole. A bit of a pain, but might not be as big of a concern now with new headphones and cords. 
Matthew & Stephanie

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