Turkish Towel Review

I wanted to bring my own towel with me on our trip for showers, beaches, and other water activities. Some places we were travelling to wouldn’t provide towels, and some hostel towels are not the best. Turkish towels are light-weight, pack small and dry pretty quickly. While they may not be as good as drying as a normal terrycloth towel, I was happy to have it on our trip! I could pack it in my day bag, and could hang it out to dry within a day (quicker in the sun). This towel is still in great condition after 3 years of use, no tearing or thinning! This brand is Swan Comfort.

Photo Credit: Amazon.com


  • Quick drying when laid out
  • Light weight, packs smaller than a regular towel
  • Nice colors make for a cute towel
  • No wear after 3 years of use! Actually, it’s getting softer with more use!


  • Not as good at drying your hair/body as a terrycloth towel
  • If not laid out, can smell a bit musty overtime
Matthew & Stephanie

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