Silicone Travel Containers Review

These are the greatest travel purchase I’ve made in a while! Reusable, eco-friendly, and leak proof! Simply fill them up with whatever bathroom needs you have, and pack them! I know that they are good for USA and European airline requirements on liquid amounts. It’s even been easy to clean them out when I wanted to change liquids! Now, I never travel without them. The ones I bought on Amazon had 6 large ones for a good price. My husband was even caught stealing a few! 

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  • Leakproof so no more worrying about goo in your toiletry kit
  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Can fill them with whatever you want! Large opening to get any liquid, gel, lotion inside.
  • Soft silicone helps them fit nicely in toiletry kit or backpack


  • Mostly easy to clean, sometimes sudsy liquids take a bit longer
  • If you use these in the shower, water can get trapped in the cap. While they are leakproof, that water might leak so be sure to dry them off well before packing. I usually twist open the cap to get the extra water out. Not 100%, but still much more leak proof than others I’ve used!
Matthew & Stephanie

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