Marrakech in a Flash!

Welcome to our Destination in a Flash guide for Marrakech, Morocco. Whether you want some inspiration for your next trip, or have just 24 hours in the city and need advice on the best sites, this is the guide for you! We’ll tell you our favorites from our adventures in Marrakech and what we recommend to see, do, eat and skip.

What to see:

Jemaa el Fna Medina: the main attraction of Morocco is the Aladin-esque streets adorned with carpet shops, spices, and other various goods to buy. Jemaa el Fna is the center of life and business in Marrakech. Enjoy some shopping, grab a mint tea, and watch the musicians at their craft. But do be weary of scammers, taking photos of entertainers (who WILL ask for payment) and the animal cruelty of the snake charmers and monkey trainers.

What to do:

Bahia Palace: this amazing palace was built in the 19th century for grand vizier Si Moussa Be Ahmed, and is a great depiction of Islamic architecture. Comprised of well decorated rooms and stunning gardens, you will easily get swept away in the mystery of this palace. Definitely a great place for photos and the ‘gram!

What to eat:

Tagine: you may have heard of this dish, but not realized that it actually refers to the dish that the meal is cooked in. Tagine is a cone-shaped, ceramic dish used commonly for cooking in Morocco. Many of the plates include a meat and vegetables, usually with a side of rice or bread. Our favorite are the tagines with raisins, fruit or nuts included. The mix of meat and sweet flavors were absolutely delicious!

What to skip (and what to see instead):

Skip El Badi Palace: not to be confused with the Bahia Palace mentioned above, El Badi Palace is a ruined palace built in the 16th century for the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur of the Saadian Dynasty. While it is a nice walk through, it is mostly in ruins and there isn’t much left to see except for a large courtyard.

Instead, you should see the Saadian Tombs: Made by the same sultan mentioned above, this is the final resting places for members of the Saadian Dynasty. There are 5 rooms filled with beautiful tile mosaics, columns and ornate carvings in the walls. It is located very close to the El Badi Palace, but has a bit more to see than the palace. If you have limited time in Marrakech, we recommend this site over the palace.

Matthew & Stephanie

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