Dublin in a Flash! St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Welcome to our Destination in a Flash guide for Dublin, Ireland – special edition for St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you want some inspiration for your next trip, or need advice on making the most out of 24 hours, this is the guide for you! We’ll tell you our favorites from our adventures in Dublin and what we recommend to see, do, eat and skip.

What to See:

Temple Bar: Most people believe that this is just a singular bar (which there is a bar called The Temple Bar), but Temple Bar is more of a neighborhood with the best bars, pubs and nightlife in Dublin. Yes, it’s a bit touristy, but it’s seriously a fun time! Do a bit of bar hopping, grab a pint, and enjoy the live music around every corner. Trust us, it’s a must see in Dublin and for St. Paddy’s day!

What to Do:

Visit the Guinness Storehouse and Brewery: This was a no brainer for us on our visit to Dublin, as Guinness is Matthew’s favorite beer! The Storehouse has the brewery which you can tour, a museum and a nice gift shop! The museum tour even comes with a pint of Guinness included in your ticket, which you can drink from one of the many bars including the rooftop pub! If you’re feeling bougie, go for the Connoisseur experience! You’ll be taken to a private tasting room (off limits to most) where you will taste a variety of Guinness products from around the world with an expert explaining the brewing process, the differences in the beers and history about the brewery. You’ll also get to pour your own Guinness beer like a pro!

What to Eat:

Irish Stew and Soda Bread: Meat and potatoes people – this is the dish for you! Irish stew is a hearty soup with meat (usually lamb), potatoes, onion, parsley, and carrots. The touristy version might substitute lamb for beef, and add some Guinness to the broth, but both the traditional and modern versions are delicious! It’s the Irish soul food that makes you feel like you’re home. Get it with a side of soda bread and enjoy!

What to Skip (and what to see instead):

Skip getting sloppy drunk: There is so much to LOVE about Dublin, and tons that you’ll want to remember. I made this mistake and missed out on some really cool experiences because I had a few too many drinks. It’s not cute, no one appreciates it and you won’t have the great memories you traveled all the way here for. Take it from me, drink responsibly.

Instead, make friends and go to the St. Patricks Day Parade: Dublin is FULL of amazing people, and even the tourists seems nicer here. While you’re out around town, find some nice people and make new friends! Get up early on March 17th to witness the amazing St. Patrick’s Day Parade around noon. You’ll see floats, costumes, bands and get to enjoy some Irish pride for this beloved event! For more information about the parade, check out this blog from TripSavvy.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Photo credits: Pexels.com and Pixabay.com

Matthew & Stephanie

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