10 Drool-worthy Foods from Around the World!

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One of the guiding forces in deciding our next travel destination is always FOOD. Matt and I are both adventurous eaters (sometimes Matt more than me) and love trying new cuisines. While we’ve been fortunate enough to eat a lot of great food, there have been some dishes that we can’t get off our minds. Many we’ve tried to find at restaurants elsewhere, and a few we’ve tried to recreate ourselves. But sometimes, you cannot duplicate the original thing!

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 drool-worthy foods that we’ve tried from around the world. These were not just good eats; there are seriously delicious foods that we frequently crave. So if you are planning to go on a food adventure, here’s some inspiration on where to begin!

Dal Makhani – In 2017, I hadn’t yet tried Indian food (I know, wtf?). But in a small family restaurant in Yungshao, China, we had the most AMAZING Indian food I’ve ever tasted! As it was our first venture, we ordered a variety platter that had a few different dishes on it, but our favorite was the Dal Makhani. It’s a lentil curry filled with butter and cream, and with a hint of sweet in it. Perfectly scoopable with naan or on top of rice. If you’re into coconut, add a bit of shredded coconut on top or coconut naan and it will literally blow you mind with amazing flavor!

Photo Credit: Instagram: @ferventfoodie87, Kriti

Garbanzada a lo Canario (Canarian Chickpea Stew) – On a recent trip to the Canary Islands, we were offered a chickpea tapa with our beers. This tapa, known as Garbanzada a lo Canario, was like a flavorful stew with chorizo, chickpeas and vegetables. While it’s not a spicy dish, it is full of aromatic spices that make this stew a fan favorite for tourist and locals alike. We like ours with a side of bread and Canary Island Mojo; a red and green sauce pepper sauce that is truly delicious!  

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

Barramundi – Good fish and seafood is not hard to find in Australia, especially in the coastal towns. But my favorite fish from down under is definitely Barramundi. This white, flaky fish with a buttery taste is so delicious when fresh! It only can be found naturally in the Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, so it’s a must-eat if you are in that area. Have it sweet, savory, spicy or salty – I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

Guaro Sour – Many people enjoy a nice cocktail while on vacay, and so we couldn’t have this list without one! While on our honeymoon in Costa Rica, we were introduced to Guaro, a liquor made from sugar cane that’s popular in Latin America. It’s got a taste that’s slightly sweet, but easy to mix into a cocktail; I’d say somewhere between white rum and vodka. A typical Guaro Sour has guaro, simple syrup, lime juice and club soda. It’s utterly refreshing, slightly sweet and sour making the perfect island cocktail! We came home with a few bottles, but it surely wasn’t enough to quench our thirst for Guaro!

Pad Thai (from a street vendor) – Pad Thai is a pretty common dish in Thai cuisine, and really accessible around the world. But the best and most authentic Pad Thai is definitely found on the streets in Thailand. You’ll usually find a tiny Thai woman whipping some up behind her food cart, and you’ll know it’s the real deal!. While it can be a bit pricey in Thai restaurants, I’ve never found street food Pad Thai to more than 60 baht ($2)! Cheap price, authentic feel and the best flavor – sign me up!

Photo Credit: Instagram: @enidgoodman

Msemen with honey and mild cheese – I’m a serious breakfast girl, and when it comes to my early morning meal, I like something sweet! When we visited Morocco, I was a little hesitant that I wouldn’t find something delicious to start my day, but I was totally wrong! In Morocco, a typical breakfast contains many little plates of breads, jams, olives, maybe some cinnamon oranges. But my favorite was the Msemen, which is like a flat dough/pancake that is usually served with honey and butter. We even found a few places that served it with a mild white cheese and it was seriously so good! 

Photo Credit: Instagram: @yousra_tin

Goulash – I’m sure most people have heard of Goulash, but aren’t 100% sure what it is. When I was a child, my family’s “Goulash” was similar to a sloppy joe, whereas Matt’s family’s “Goulash” was more of a Hamburger helper over noodles. But traditional Goulash from Hungary and Poland is more like a hearty beef stew made with peppers, mushrooms, onions and paprika. When we were in Poland, Matt ordered Goulash every chance he got, especially if it came in a bread bowl!

Photo Credit: Instagram: @monie364

Matcha Latte – I had my first Green Tea Latte at the old Starbucks down the road from my house. But in Japan, matcha has a much more dignified and ceremonial purpose. Matcha is high quality green tea leaves that are ground into a powder. It’s typically used in tea ceremonies throughout Japan, but has also made it’s way into every day life. Matcha lattes, made with hot milk and the matcha tea powder, can be found in many cafes and stores. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s got a more earthy taste, but anyway you find it, it’s sure to warm your tummy and soul. 

Haydari – Turkey had so many amazing food choices, it was hard to narrow down our favorites. But one dish that we enjoyed every day was Haydari. This yogurt dip with lemon, garlic and olive oil has the right amount of tang to add to any Mediterranean dish! Each restaurant makes it slightly different; our favorites added fresh dill. Order it with a side of bread as an appetizer or use it as sauce on your kebab! 

Coxinha – You can’t argue that some things are better battered and fried. In Brazil, Coxinhas are the go-to snack! They are teardrop-shaped pods, filled with shredded chicken, potatoes and vegetables that are covered in flour and deep-fried. Coxinhas know no boundaries; you can find them at hole in the wall cafes in the favelas, or the high-end restaurants lining Copacabana! 

Photo Credit: Instagram: @franchy_bricos

We hope you enjoyed our favorite food memories! Now that your mouth is watering, what should you have for lunch?

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