5 Budget Airlines for Your Next Quick Trip:

One of the more expensive costs of traveling can be purchasing airline flights. But with so many budget airlines popping up and a bit of planning, you CAN find flights that will work into a tight budget. Here are 5 airlines we’ve used for cheap flights throughout the world!

Established in Spain, AirEuropa flies discounted flights throughout Europe, the Americas, and makes some stops in Africa and Asia. They offer meals on international flights and drink/snack services. The best part, for us, is that they allow pets to fly internationally!

AirAsia operates mostly in Asia, with few flights to Europe, US and Africa. Don’t expect much to be included in these cheap prices (baggage, meals, or even a complimentary drink!), but you will know that you are getting the cheapest flight possible. If you require more things, they can be added to your flight for a fee.

This Denver-based airline is a great option for traveling within the USA. While it doesn’t offer international flights, except a few to the Caribbean, with Frontier, you can find flights deals for under $100 roundtrip! Carry-on and checked bags will cost you extra, but Frontier does allow you to bring your fur-babies with you!

Spirit has gained more popularity in recent years for their super cheap flights! You will pay for all extras, including any baggage, food, seat choices. But if you need a no-frills, cheap flight, Spirit can get you there for usually under $100! They have flights to 47 cities in the USA, and 29 destinations in Central and South America.

Iberian Airlines host a variety of domestic and international flights, serving mostly Europe and the Americas. You’ll be happy to know that for international flights, you will get a hot meal and a snack. We were very happy that during the COVID crisis, Iberia was able to get us and our pets home to the USA safely amid the chaos.

Bon Voyage and Safe Travels!

Matthew & Stephanie

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