Granada in a Flash!

Welcome to our Destination in a Flash guide for Granada, Spain! Whether you want some inspiration for your next trip, or need advice on making the most out of 24 hours, this is the guide for you! We’ll tell you our favorites from our adventures in Granada and what we recommend to see, do, eat and skip.

What to See:

The Albacin (Muslim Quarter): For centuries, Granada was home to Muslim Iberians. But with the Catholic Reconquista, the Muslims were pushed to the outskirts of the city, and congregated in the hills of Albacin. For this reason, the Albacin is rich in culture and vibrant with life weaving through the narrow, cobble-stone streets. Get lost in the small alley ways, find amazing food and explore the authentic center of Grenada.

What to Do:

Alhambra and Generalife: One of the most amazing palaces in the world, the Alhambra is definitely worth a visit while in Granada! While it has seen a bit of ruin and renovations, there are layers of history and Muslim architecture to spot around every corner. With tranquil fountains, luscious gardens and stunning landscapes, it’s easy to get lost in the splendor of Alhambra.

What to Eat:

Tinto de Verano: Who doesn’t love a summer cocktail? You might want to order a Sangria while in Spain, but instead go for the more local option of a Tinto de Verano, or summer wine. It’s 3 simple ingredients – red wine (usually a Rioja), lemon soda and a lemon slice. It’s fruity and refreshing, and the perfect excuse for a pit stop while you are wandering through beautiful Granada!

What to Skip, and what to do instead:

Don’t spend all your time by the Carrera del Darro: the river walk is nice once you get further towards Sacramonte, but it can be really crowded and expensive if you don’t know the places to go. While it might be nice for a stroll, I wouldn’t spend all your time there!

Instead, visit the cave houses of Sacramonte: If you up for a hike, venture up to Sacramonte where you can see the cave houses originally started by the gypsies of Granada. Rooted in Berber culture, these cave homes are literally built into the side of the hill and reflect the surivival techniques of the exiled community. You can wonder freely through the neighborhood, but if you want to learn more about the history and function of the caves houses, check out the Museo Cuevas del Sacramonte.

For more information on the Museo Cuevas del Sacramonte, check out their info at

Address: Barranco de los Negros, s/n (acceder por) Calle Verea de Enmedio, 18010 Granada, Spain

Telephone: +34 958 215120

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