Sicily in a Flash!

Welcome to our Destination in a Flash guide for Sicily, Italy. Whether you want some inspiration for your next trip, or need advice on making the most out of 24 hours, this is the guide for you! We’ll tell you our favorites from our adventures in Sicily and what we recommend to see, do, eat and skip.

What to See:

Taoramina: Located on the eastern side of Sicily, Taoramina is the perfect combination of sea, city and mountain! Relax by crystal blue waters down at Isola Bella beach, shop the boutiques on Corso Umberto or visit the amazing Teatro Greco (Greek theatre) as it overlooks this gorgeous small city!

What to Do:

Get to the water: Sicily is an island, so you have to get some time on the water! Swim the beaches in Cefalu, take a boat trip to the Aeolian islands, or visit the nearby Vulcano island to bathe in therapeutic sulphur baths! No matter where you end up, the water is cool and refreshing!

What to Eat:

Granita: Imagine a hot day in Sicily, and you stumble across a sweet, icy treat with fresh fruit juice…doesn’t that sound delectable! Granitas are three simple ingredients – ice, sugar and fresh fruit and go perfect with any Sicilian activity. For a mid-day snack, or after a fabulous dinner, you have to try a fruity granita!

Anything fresh and local: With a lot of international cuisines, the more fresh and local foods, the better! Sicily is chock full of fresh markets, so anytime you can get fresh produce, or locally caught fish at a restaurant – DO IT! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

What to Skip, and what to do instead:

Don’t spend all your time in the airport cities: Sicily is such a unique island brimming with culture, history and amazing people. Palermo and Catania, where the airports are located, are nice cities but don’t restrict yourself to just these places. If you can rent a car, take a bus or even book a tour, you’ll get to experience so much more that Sicily has to offer!

Invest in agro-tourism experiences: During our trip we got to experience 3 agro-tourism experiences in the rural parts of Sicily. One day we went to a local farm to participate in making ricotta cheese, and then enjoyed a fabulous breakfast filled with fresh bread, cheese, local honey and figs picked right off the tree! Another day we spent with a local grove owner picking olives and making olive oil, enjoying the fruit of our labor with bottles of pure, green olive oil for lunch. Our last experience was a farm-to-table cooking class that ended in one of the most fabulous meals of my life! These trips were not only informative, tasty and AMAZING, but we got to see a snapshot of intimate Sicily that we otherwise would have missed. Also, the families we met through these businesses were so kind and hospitable; they made us feel like family! Whatever you do, take some time to explore what the heart of Sicily has to offer.

Our latest trip to Sicily was with a private tour company called T.O.A.S.T Sicily which included a 10 day all inclusive tour (including unlimited wine!). Check it out!

Matthew & Stephanie

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